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“Chris was able to help complete the final grade on a troublesome short drama and provide VFX for a Cross Platform trailer with great skill. He was able to take direction well and offer viable options and solutions. He has an indepth working knowledge of various post production and design packages”

Will Wright Freelance Director

Motion Graphics & Visual Effects

I have over a decade of experience creating exciting animation motion graphics and spectacular visual effects for many video projects, from documentary and drama to corporate video, using After Effects.

As well as animation and visual effects, I can deliver professional quality digital colour grading, compositing, tracking, keying, rotoscoping, wire and object removal, cleanup, motion titling and particle effects.

I can employ my large skill base to create graphics, enhance existing media and even create and seamlessly integrate 3D models and animation into the video timeline to deliver exciting visuals in line with your vision.

To find out more please feel free to email me at mail@chrislongman.com